Personal Care and Fabric and Home Care  


Pioneers in the field of personal care

Angelini has operated in the hygiene and personal care sector through Fater, the company founded by the Angelini family in 1958 and as a joint venture with Procter & Gamble since 1992.
Fater is a leader in the Italian market for absorbent hygiene products and a key player in the European Fabric and Home Care market. It was responsible for revolutionising Italy’s hygienic-sanitary market with the introduction, in the early 1960s, of disposable baby diapers and feminine hygiene products, which were largely non-existent at the time. Since 2013, it has operated in the market of fabric and household cleaning detergents, which it now distributes in 38 countries in Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The company invests approximately 4% of its annual turnover in innovation.
The company’s headquarters are in Spoltore (PE), with production facilities in Italy (Pescara and Campochiaro - CB), and abroad, in Porto (Portugal) and Gebze (Turkey).


Fater in figures

  1. 1,600 Employees
  2. 4 Production plants
  3. 38countries Where it is active on the market


The main strategy for Fater is called “People First”.

People First means first of all creating a working environment where people can unleash their talent, enhancing teamwork, diversity and mutual listening. 

Fater's intent is to transmit this positive energy from within the company to reach the people who choose the products and the communities in which the company operates. 

For this reason, environmental and social sustainability are a priority on Fater's agenda to help respect the environment and create a more just and inclusive society. Tackling social imbalances and safeguarding the planet are issues that involve everyone, the company and stakeholders. The commitment of all the people in Fater is to make the company an open system capable of listening to the needs of customers and all those who can help create positive change.


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