17 DEC 2019


Angelini, on Corriere della Sera the "recipe for 100 years"

Being an entrepreneur means being aware of the role one plays in the responsibility towards the territory in which the company operates. Today it is called corporate social responsibility. In my view, this means committing ourselves every day to growing the company in harmony with its context, contributing to the economic and social development of its citizens.

Francesco Angelini


This is how Francesco Angelini, President of the Angelini group, summarizes past, present and future of the group, from the pages of leading Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera, that today, 17.12.2019, published an article-interview on the occasion of Angelini's 100th anniversary.

Starting from the history and the roots that guide the renewal of the group's success every day, the words of the President talk about the present, and above all they look to the future, a future that speaks of growth, drive for innovation, sustainability.
All of this with the intention to guarantee the continuity of the company, "which is today assured thanks to the commitment of my daughter Thea and her husband Sergio'', keeping in mind that "success depends on all those who work with you, like our 6,000 employees".