27 JUN 2019

Press Release

1919 – 2019 Angelini Celebrates its First 100 Years and Unveils a Logo For the Centenary

Rome, 27 June 2019 The year 2019 marks the first centenary of the Angelini group, which presents a dedicated logo for the occasion.
Founded in Ancona, Italy, in 1919 by the 32-year-old pharmacist Francesco Angelini, the group has witnessed exponential growth made possible by constant innovation and is today an international industrial entity and leader in the health and well-being area of the pharmaceutical and mass-market sectors.

A logo dedicated to these 100 years will be featured on internal, external and brand communications throughout 2019. Designed by the communications agency Armando Testa in honour of a historic collaboration, the new logo expresses the group’s history, present and future in just a few square centimeters.

The graphic image encapsulates many meaningful references: the Angelini logo, the ‘A’ which is mainly associated with pharmaceutical products and which expresses solidity and precision, is combined with the 100 year milestone. The significance of the centenary is expressed by the slogan “In the future since 1919”. These few words embody the entrepreneurial code of the Angelini family: solidity and the constant urge for innovation.

In addition to the logo, Angelini is launching a website dedicated to the centenary — http://www.angelini100.com/ — that will be updated on the initiatives that the group has been planning for this important anniversary, throughout 2019.

"It is with great emotion that we approach the celebration of our group's 100th anniversary", quotes Francesco Angelini, President of the Angelini Group.

We look to the future with a deep respect for our founding principles and corporate philosophy, which is being given a new lease of life today, also thanks to the dedication of the new generation, mainly my daughter Thea Paola and her husband Sergio. I want to thank all the people who work for Angelini, our clients, along with the partners and stakeholders who have placed their trust in our company for the last 100 years."

Francesco Angelini, President

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